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Thin Legged Seated Frog Hanging Out

  Sometimes simpler is better. Don’t you think? This frog will sit on a bench and the hand you see resting on nothing will rest on the bench.    

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Simple Seated Hanging Out Frog

Why complicate things, this guy seems to say. He’s also wondering what you’ve been up to these days.

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Copper Stool by Beau Smith

  Yes, I appreciate the simplicity of it. But don’t sit on this stool. It’s for my artist frog sculpture.

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Small Standing Martini Frog Sculpture

    Small standing Martini Frog sculpture just came together spontaneously. I got out of the way and the piece happened. Beau Smith

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Big Squat Frog Sculpture

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Standing Thin Legged Frog Sculpture

  Standing Frog sculpture with thinner legs, which I personally like, as does the client who had me make this for her.

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Artist Frog Sculpture

Nice artist frog sculpture, probably a pleine air painter putting the finishing touches to his painting  

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Little Jimbo Frog

  My son Julian named this frog Little Jimbo. For some reason that makes perfect sense to me. Here on this Youtube we talk about it:        

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Panning for Gold Frog

This frog is panning for gold. Or also could be Narcissus.  Here is my son and I chatting about the frog:      

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Toasting Champagne Frog

This Frog is to recognize a job well done and a promotion recently received. This was a gift to a client. She decided she wanted a frog sculpture from me. This was the gift she chose. I am honored.

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