The Frog Archive


What the Frog archives amounts to is a view into one man’s life work, thus far. It is an oeuvre. I keep promising to make other creatures besides frogs, but what can I do? Everyone wants a frog. So I make them one, or two or more. I’ve been doing so for over half my life. I’m now 54. Still time to make other creatures… And I have made other creatures, a dragonfly here and there. A cat. A woman… But the main subject has been frogs. Not just any frogs, mind you. All different. No two alike. I have made every sort of frog that can be made… 

I exaggerate. Plenty of frogs I have not made. I have not made many sports frogs. The frogs that have the most appeal tend to be relaxing. I can understand that. One works hard for their money (or not). One wants a sculpture that is fun, gives you a lift, and is restful, more often than not. Or maybe the frog is dancing. Or jumping for joy. Or reading to a child. 

I am not alone as an artist to concentrate on one subject. Picasso painted and sculpted women. Debora Butterfield sculpts horses. Barry Flanagan sculpted rabbits. Joe Pogan mainly sculpts birds. 

Interestingly, you’ll find the artist within the work, even if the sculpture is of a creature other than a human. And, by the way, my frogs are human as well as frog. They are anthropomorphic. If they weren’t, I would hardly be as interested in them. 

So take a look at some of the frogs I’ve done over the years. Admittedly, not all the photographs are spectacular. Remember, I’ve been doing this for thirty years. So you’re going to see the wonky snapshot. Also the badly doctored up Photoshoped image. I try to weed a lot of that out. But I want you to see some of the older frogs. They all have appeal to me. So take a look at some of the frogs I’ve made over the years. 

Understand that this is an archive. I sell what I make. That has always been true, for the frogs, anyway. Are there frogs here that inspire you? One that you want? I do still do some commission work. And as you can well see, I repeat themes. Also, hopefully you can see that even though I repeat themes, no two frogs are alike. They are all original. That’s why I like to say that my work is comparable to a bronze at a fraction of the cost. I’m not talking about hugely mass-produced work. I can’t compete with that and I don’t want to. Every one of my frogs is made by hand, With tender loving care, of course. So, compared to an original bronze or a limited edition bronze, you’ll never find something comparable to my work, in price, and often in other arenas as well, such as spontaneity.